I Love Saskatchewan

With vibrant illustrations and a gentle, simple rhyming scheme, I Love Saskatchewan takes children on a whirlwind tour of the Province, building pride in place and encouraging discovery. From outdoor adventures on Lac La Rouge, enjoying a skate on a local pond during the winter, visiting Scotty the T.Rex in Eastend or the Mounties in Regina, this is the book that absolutely every Saskatchewan household with children must have. From the Crooked Trees of Alticane, Mac the Moose in Moose Jaw, the Saskatoon Pelicans and the famous Hoop Dancers, I Love Saskatchewan makes the province come alive.

It's the kind of book that allows me, uncle extraordinaire, to be a bed-time hero for my nephews and niece. Riess' rhyming rendition of the greatest place in the world, Saskatchewan, is a wonderful way to educate a tot on the Land of Living Skies. —Devin Pachollk, Global Regina Morning News (January 2012)

If you are planning a family visit to the province, this book would be an excellent introduction to some of the things you can expect to see. —www.BookLoons.com